Our services

We have developed the solution that best fits your projects. Shapetek, through its differentiation and technical knowledge, aims to be recognized as a supplier of excellence and always remain at the forefront in terms of technological development.

Technical and manufacturing processes consulting

Set of services, ranging from technical advice for specific problem g to the implementation of complete manufacturingprocesses with the possibility of designing processes tailored to customer needs.

Mechanical project

Execution of mechanical design with dimensioning (representation of dimensions of an object) and shape, enablingthe understanding of the execution and operation of machines and mechanical components. The design will meet all standards with the rigor of an excellent engineering service, whether for simple mechanical assemblies or complex machines.

Precision machining

Production of precision mechanical technical components of numerical control (CNC) technology incorporated with CAM technology. In addition to CNC machining, our end product includes heat treatment, surface treatment andquality control. We manufacture components in various raw materials, such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and polymers, among others.

Robot Tools

Development of robot hands to automate industry-specific work processes tailored to function to provide process stability and repeatability.

Research and development

In an more and more technologically demanding sector, the focus on innovation, research and development in a safe, viable and competitive manner is increasingly important. In this sense, we have a team dedicated todevelopment and research (SI R&D). With the ProIN-PROcesso Integrado de controlo e manipulação, the aim is to develop new intelligent peripheral equipment for the injection of technical plastics capable of supporting the integration of processes into value-added products.

Control means

Development and production of control jigs and part positioning devices, to support production process control or to support three-dimensional measurement using CNC equipment.

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